Winstrol as doping in cycling

Winstrol as doping in cycling

What is the steroid stanozolol

Stanozolol is well known under the tradename Winstrol. It is a 17-alkylated steroid II. type available mainly in oral but also veterinary injection form (Winstrol V in the USA and Winstrol Depot in Europe). In medical practice, it is used against allergic eczema.
Stanozolol, the world’s third most widely used anabolic steroid, is now known to almost everyone who moves in the world of top sports, especially in athletics and bodybuilding. But it will certainly not be unknown for cyclists, swimmers and skiers who are interested in doping. This anabolic was pointed out and at the same time “famous” by the Canadian sprinter Benjamin Johnson, who was tested positive for stanozolol during the Olympic Games in South Korea in 1988. He was subsequently awarded a gold medal for proven doping. However, stanozolol has been known to the scientific and medical community since 1959. It was first marketed as a pharmaceutical by Winthrop. In 1961, the American company Sterling bought a patent for the American market and began selling stanozolol under the trade name Winstrol online.

Stanozolol showed a very high ratio of anabolic to androgenic properties in quantitative experiments in rats. That is, the growth ratio of the levator muscle to prostate growth was up to 100 times greater than that of testosterone. A bodybuilder could not wish for anything better if it could be applied to a person’s skeletal muscles.

Unfortunately, what applies to rats cannot always be fully transmitted to humans. In addition, the choice of the levator muscle as a skeletal muscle substituent was inappropriate. Kochakian himself, considered by many to be the father of steroid research, later admitted that choosing “levator ani” as a representative of the anabolic properties of steroids was a bad shot. Real anabolic research also corresponds to this.

Side effects of Winstrol:

Chemically, stanozolol is a derivative of DHT (dihydrotestosterone). It has relatively low androgenic effects and does not aromatize. It is even said to block the production of estrogens by the action of other steroids with which it is combined. Its antiprogestagenic effects, i.e. blockade of progesterone production, are also reported, which is beneficial, for example, in combinations with nandrolone and norethandrolone. Very few users report water retention or any other side effects such as high blood pressure, convulsions, etc. Studies have not shown a negative effect on the liver at therapeutic doses, but it is considered moderately toxic among bodybuilders.

Winstol steroid in cycling

Project by American journalist Stuart Stevens

Doping is one of the most discussed sports topics, it is shrouded in a number of myths, half-truths and speculation. Fans know which star was ever caught cheating on what substances fly among athletes, they know the ridiculous excuses of sinners.

However, few people know what a person who uses support means actually experiences. American journalist Stuart Stevens tried an eight-month doping treatment on his own skin. In order to prepare for the ultraviolet cycling race Paris-Brest-Paris.

Stevens is in his forties who enjoys classic skiing and cycling at the amateur level. And he wanted to try what such a doping program looked like.

Finding banned funds in California was not difficult at all. It works like everywhere else in the world: just go to the gym and ask the right people.

An unknown young man offered him stanozol in the fitness center. The anabolic steroid so famous for Canadian sprinter Ben Johnson at the 1988 Olympics. He didn’t want to gamble on health more than necessary.

In the end, he found a doctor and an understanding for his project. He was an expert who helps celebrities fight the signs of aging and athletes fight better opponents. “And how do you want your body to change? Do you want to be faster? More persistent? Thinner? Stronger? Or do you want to see better?” the doctor asked.

“What? Better to see?” Stevens paused.

“Yes. People who dope on human growth hormone will improve their eyesight over time,” was the reply.

They agreed that they would work mainly on strength and endurance, and that Stevens did not want to gain unnecessary muscles that would interfere with his bike. The plan was simple. Stevens will train as much as he can – about 15 to 20 hours a week – under medical supervision. The goal is to qualify for the 1,225-kilometer-long Paris-Brest-Paris race and drive it under 81 hours.

Start with human growth hormone

We will start with human growth hormone, “the doctor decided. It is a substance known as HGH and one of the most popular doping agents among athletes. It was a hit at the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta, and many champions at the time owe it to its fame.

Stevens was given five doses a week. “For the first time in my life, I started stuffing a foreign substance into my body. But the doctor assured me that it’s nothing. All diabetics do the same, but I’ll inject HGH instead of insulin,” Stevens describes the beginning of the doping experiment.

After a few weeks, the first results appeared. Stevens’ skin began to improve and he really began to see better. One morning he woke up and looked in the mirror to find that the scar he had had for years had disappeared from his forehead. “But most of all, I could train like crazy. Even though I was taking large doses, I felt more relaxed. Younger. Fresher.”

Now testosterone

After HGH came the male sex hormone testosterone, to promote muscle growth and aggression. After two weeks, he started applying EPO – the hormone erythropoietin, which stimulates the production of red blood cells, accelerates the transfer of oxygen in the blood and thus helps to increase physical fitness. It is very popular among cyclists and cross-country skiers, and even athletes will not despise it.

“I went to the preparatory race 320 kilometers long and I felt strong and fresh. Although he was tired at the finish, but I felt that the next day I would be able to repeat the same portion.

That would not have been possible before. Thanks to EPO, regeneration is significantly accelerated. Now I understand what the famous Jacques Anquetil, the five-time winner of the Tour de France, meant when he declared in 1967 that if anyone thought that cyclists could ride 235 days a year without the use of aids, he was either a jerk or a hypocrite. “Stevens says.

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