What is Speech Therapy?


Speech Therapy is something that focuses on improving a child’s speech and abilities to understand and express language. Our speech therapy center in Delhi, is for those children who have a speech disability like trouble in pronouncing words or trouble in communication.

Speech therapy helps in improving language development, communication, and pragmatic language skills. Speech therapy consists of two components:

  • Coordination of the mouth to produce sounds which is helpful in forming words and sentences. For instance, addressing articulation, fluency, and voice volume regulation.
  • Understanding and expressing language which helps in using language in written, pictorial, body and sign forms. It is also helpful in using language through alternative communication systems like iPad, computers or social media.

The professionals who provide speech therapy services are Speech Therapists or Speech and Language Pathologists (SLPs). They also help in treating swallowing disorders.

When Speech Therapy is Needed?

If your child has any kind of brain injury, an infection that has affected their ability to communicate, a known disease like Down syndrome, Verbal Apraxia then your child may need speech therapy.

Speech therapy helps your child in improving pragmatic language and also the process of using the body and verbal language accordingly in social situations for everyday purposes like making requests, having conversations, making friends etc.

Speech therapy usually begins at a young age and continue until children enter school and start to communicate in written language. The speech therapy might stay continue if the speech disorder is not gone away completely.

What do a Speech Therapist or SLPs Do?

A speech therapist identifies a language-based disability in your children who are having the struggle to read and express themselves in written work.

For direct treatment, your children’s speech therapist or SLPs will perform an evaluation and also consult with their teachers to create a language-rich classroom.

This therapy might include a small group of children who are also facing similar social and communication challenges. This helps in making language a fun, in developing friendships, and enabling students to succeed in the school.

What is Speech Therapy Programs?

Speech therapists or SLPs not only treat language and cognitive difficulties but also helps in treating swallowing and feeding problems. In most of the cases, it is found that children with speech disorder also have a feeding problem.

It is because of both speech and eating are done due to the perfect combination in the movement of Tongue, Jaw, and Lips. Speech and eating problems occur due to lack of combination in them.

To treat this, your children SLPs might use some blow toys and whistle. This helps in strengthing muscles which are used in speech and eating. They might also use crazy straws or blowing bubbles which are some fun strategies to help children tolerate different sensations in their mouths.

Parental Support

Speech-language professionals agree that parental involvement is important to the success of a child’s progress in speech and language therapy.

According to a study, Kids who complete the speech therapy program quickest and with long-lasting results are the ones whose parents have been involved and supported their child in every situation.

Ask your child’s therapist for suggestions on at home speech therapy and other methods to help your child. The therapist might suggest some at-home stimulation activities to ensure continued progress.

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